23 February 2019, Saturday, 21:05
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Belarusian Doctors: Let Them Explain What Is Happening!


Yesterday, in addition to the head physician of the 9th hospital, detentions were held in other Minsk clinics.

The list of the defendants in the high-profile corrupt "physicians' case" is replenished with new surnames every day.

Yesterday, it became known about the possible detention of the chief doctor of the 9th hospital, Valer Kushniarenka, and the head of the endoscopic department, Andrei Sauchanka.

Tut.by journalists were informed in the chief doctor’s reception of the 9th hospital: Valer Kushniarenka’s duties are now performed by head of the Republican Center for Organ and Tissue Transplantation Aleh Rummo, to whom the journalists couldn't get through. The deputy chief doctor of the 9th hospital, Anatol Uss, did not report on their leader’s whereabouts, having mentioned that he was not authorized and was responsible only for the therapeutic part.

The doctors of the 9th hospital needed a lot of asking to agree for an interview and asked not to reveal their surnames. They are sure: the absence of Kushniarenka and Sauchanka has something to do with the "mopping-up" of the Ministry of Health.

– Where is our head (endoscopic department head Sauchanka – Ed.)? This is the only specialist of a kind, has worked in the hospital for more than 30 years. We only have only one question: "Why?" And where is Andrei Karalko now (the chief doctor of the Minsk regional hospital was detained on June 20 – Ed.)? More than 10 days have passed since his arrest, what is his status now? No one comments on this, – the capital doctors are at a loss. – Why cannot these people be released on their own recognizance? They are respected physicians. Let them explain to us what is happening!

According to the doctors of the 9th hospital, all those who were involved in the purchase of medical equipment are now being questioned.

According to their information, there are detainees in other Minsk hospitals, as well.