23 February 2019, Saturday, 12:55
Appeal of the BPR Rada

Kalinkavichy Resident Seeking Early Pension


The independent trade union REP helps him in this.

The commission for the appointment of pensions of the Kalinkavichy district executive committee refused to 54-year-old Ruslan Metlitsky in the appointment of early pension due to "special working conditions", Homel "Spring" writes.

Legal inspector of the REP trade union Leanid Sudalenka prepared and filed a lawsuit in the Kalinkavichy district court on behalf of Ruslan Miatlitski, the caster of the Kalinkavichy Repair and Mechanical Plant, demanding that he be given an early pension for six and a half years under the so-called list #1 for harmful working conditions.

Ruslan Miatlitski has a special experience of 6,5 years of working as a caster under harmful working conditions at the OJSC Kalinkavichy Repair and Mechanical Plant, which allows him to retire already today. Nevertheless, the local social protection fund refused to recognize his special length of service, since, in the opinion of the officials, the employer mistakenly issued a certificate to the caster confirming his right to early retirement.

Appealing to the Committee on Labor, Employment and Social Protection of the Homel regional executive committee in the order of compliance with the pre-trial settlement of the dispute did not bring any result - the officials from the social protection fund still refuse to recognize the employer's document, calling it "erroneously issued".

The union lawyer says that local social protection previously appointed an early pension to Ruslan Miatlitski’s several former colleagues by the shop, who worked at the same position as casters - they received the same bonuses for the harmful conditions, and had equal vacations.

"The fact that the employer subsequently recertified the workplace of the caster, as a result of which this work is no longer harmful, cannot be a legitimate reason for refusal to a member of our union in the appointment of an early pension, since at the time of his work this workplace was certified as harmful," added Leanid Sudalenka.

As a measure to secure evidence, the trade union demanded that the court should oblige the Kalinkavichy District Committee for Labor, Employment and Social Protection to provide to the court the pension files of Ruslan Miatlitski’s former colleagues - casters, who managed to achieve an early pension.