23 November 2020, Monday, 22:09
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Hanna Tolchykava: Friends, Belarusians, Honest People!

Hanna Tolchykava: Friends, Belarusians, Honest People!

The truth about the ‘election’ fraud in Belarus. Part 2.

Belarusian internet was knocked out by a sincere, emotional speech of Hanna Tolchykava at one of the voting stations in Minsk. The brave girl has published an audio record of her argument with the members of the elections commission on Facebook, having addressed to Belarusians.

Ther Charter97.org news website published the text of Hanna Tolchykava’s speech:

- Dear friends, Belarusians, honest people! Screw it, I thought. I am publishing an audio record of how they made me freak out. I am telling the truth which these insolent falsifiers have nothing to oppose with! In the country which we will build instead of this one, today’s election to the House of Representatives would have been reckoned invalid! The data provided by independent observers, real patriots of their country is the only honest source of information about this election. And they claim the turnout of voters was only 25-35% in all districts!!

Alongside with that, the election passed in the atmosphere of daily messages from the independent observers about the falsification of the voters turnout figures by 3-10 times, about the use of administrative pressure against enterprises,students, budget employees, with an aim to force people to come to early voting. To the voting stations, where, later on, having disregarded and destroyed people’s hopes, time, and trust, the falsifiers throw into the ballot boxes manyfold more ballots for a pro-government candidate!

Actually, during this election the commissions stood out with particular insolence and impudence - they didn’t even try to create an illusion of existence of the necessary number of ballots, they didn’t throw them into the ballot boxes… You can see this in the photo:

The first ballot box is from early voting, according to the commission, it contains 571 ballots/ two others are from the voting day, closer to the evening - 300 ballots, in accordance to honest counting. Even visually, 300 ballots looked 2,5-3 times larger in volume! This means, the commissions counted one thing, and called absolutely different numbers, based on nothing, the ones they were told to announce from the above!

Imagine: at the voting station # 571, where Chairperson of the commission is Volha Kamiakova, 306 people voted today. What do I hear? I, the person who was sitting there checking every voter on that day. They tell me 370 people managed to vote for Davydzka, the Belaya Rus Chairman!!! And there were more candidates! This is mayhem. They fear no one - neither people, nor God.

So, screw it: this is me having a nervous breakdown, which I believe was fair, just, correct and well-deserved by those who humiliated me for a week, those who should be ashamed to look into the eye of their compatriots.

We are also publishing the verbatim record of the audio:

Head of the district election commission: - ...As for the second issue on our agenda… Ms. Tolchykava's suggestion on the methodology of vote counting should be rejected, as her demand related to the vote counting procedure with demonstration of every ballot is not based on the norms of the Electoral Code…

Hanna Tolchykava: - It is based on them! Otherwise, you don't know them!

Head of the district election commission:-... No re-count of votes is envisaged.

Hanna Tolchykava:- I'm sorry that you have such poor knowledge of the Electoral Code. I remind, election fraud is Article 192 of the Criminal Code. Dear members of the election commission, please think about the prison terms. Up to five years in jail! Think about this, when they take you to this shithole again!

Head of the district election commission:- Shall we call the police?

Hanna Tolchykava:- If any of you think this is fair...

Head of the district election commission:- Yes, the protocol...

Hanna Tolchykava:-...I am so shocked - how come? If you participate in falsifications, how can you do this?! It's the country we will be living in!

Head of the district election commission: - Stop the debates.

Hanna Tolchykava:- These are not debates, but a heart cry! It's because of you Lukashenka has remained unchangeable for more than 20 years! Traitors!

Head of the district election commission:- Do I press the "call the police" button?

Hanna Tolchykava:- Do it, if you have no conscience left!

Head of the district election commission:- Take the protocol.

Hanna Tolchykava:- I will live in this country, and you are already the past! I will have to clean up all this!

Head of the district election commission:- Leave the voting station.

Hanna Tolchykava:- Thanks, I barely endured all this, you damned falsifiers. Can you let me out?

Head of the district election commission: - Just a moment.

Hanna Tolchykava:- So many people, aren't you ashamed? None of you? Before us, the future generation.

Head of the district election commission:- This is ridiculous, seriously.

Hanna Tolchykava:- You can have as much fun as you want, you are in charge here, and you will bear responsibility for this! You are in charge! Everyone who witnessed this will be tried as co-partners in crime under criminal articles. The power will change, but all of your statements will remain, remember this!

(members of the commission and the Chairperson are whispering)

Hanna Tolchykava:- Or go and tell that you are being forced. We have many TV channels. What forces you to keep silence? Do you have such a huge salary, or what?

Head of the district election commission:- Let her out, enough of this.

Hanna Tolchykava:- Indeed, let me out, I can no longer stay here with you. Not a single young person comes here, just old people who have no idea what you are doing here. The youth, intelligent, educated people, do not go to these "elections", because they know it's a farce. Only those deceived by the authorities. Miserable, lame, in beggarly clothes… our old people. You are betraying them!

Head of the district election commission:- Did it take you much time to prepare this speech?

Hanna Tolchykava:- This is from the heart! You won't understand.

Head of the district election commission:- Oh, year, we are heartless.

Hanna Tolchykava:- See what feelings you awaken in the young generation. This is not just my vision.

Head of the district election commission:- Mmm...

Head of the district election commission:- Ivan, open the door, let her out at last.

Hanna Tolchykava:- That is exactly why thousands, thousands of potentially the very best people go away, leave this country for good. Because there is no hope due to the likes of you. I am leaving a complaint. Will you accept it?

Head of the district election commission:- You can leave it.

Hanna Tolchykava: (addressing the head of the election commission) - Mrs. Volha, there is a complaint lying on the table…