26 May 2020, Tuesday, 9:38
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‘Hospitals Are Full, Deaths Multiply’: COVID-19 Mows Down Brest Region

‘Hospitals Are Full, Deaths Multiply’: COVID-19 Mows Down Brest Region

New coronavirus hot spots: the latest information from the region residents.

The “Basta!” Telegram channel reports new cases of the coronavirus infection in the Brest region. Hospitals in Brest, Kamianets, and Pinsk are full. Lethal cases have been recorded in Brest, Biaroza, and Pinsk, the “Basta!” Telegram channel reports.


“I know a man who was hospitalized in the Central City Hospital of Brest with pneumonia, accompanied with the positive test for the coronavirus. He says that now all seven floors of the Central City Hospital are occupied with pneumonia patients, about 700 people. I asked a friend who had previously worked in the intensive care unit, she confirmed that the whole hospital is filled only with pneumonia patients,” writes a resident of Brest.

“At the Brestvodokanal enterprise there are already four deaths of pneumonia and COVID-19,” an employee said.

Kamianets district

“The Vysokaye hospital. There are just so many patients, ambulances fly in and out, taking them to wherever depending on severity,” writes a resident of Vysokaye.

“A friend of mine works at the ‘Belovezhsky Cheese’ cheese factory. The village is small, everyone knows everything. Belovezhsky and Ryasna residents all ride the same transport. The transport is not disinfected, the streets are not washed either. There is no disinfection in stores,” the channel’s subscriber reports.

“The Kamianets hospital is just some kind of horror. There are many sick doctors, most of them develop a mild form of the disease. There are a lot of ill doctors in Vysokaye,” the channel’s reader from Kamianets writes.

“Kamianets, the Euroopt store at 68A Brestskaya st. All employees were tested, they are all first-level contacts, but they continue to work,” the channel’s subscriber reports.

“A kindergarten was closed for quarantine in the settlement of Belovezhsky,” the channel’s reader writes.

Pinsk district

“A new outbreak of the coronavirus has occurred in Pinsk. A student at Pinsk College of Medicine did the coronavirus test, and it turned out positive, she is isolated in a separate room in the hostel,” said a resident of Pinsk.

“The football academy in Pinsk is being converted into a hospital, the Central City Hospital is crowded,” the channel’s reader writes.

“On May 19, 54-year-old Natallia died in Pinsk, who worked as a nurse at the center for correctional and developmental education. She had bilateral pneumonia. After the test for the coronavirus, the infection was confirmed,” the channel’s subscriber informed.

Stolin district

“In the Stolin district of the Brest region, new cases of the coronavirus have been registered. Many cases of sick people are recorded per day in the village of Alshany, while in David-Haradok the infected toll has reached dozens of people,” said a resident of Stolin.

Baranavichy district

“Baranavichy, 50 Years of Komsomol Street, 16, some doctors fled to the 3rd entrance, while others were taking out the sarcophagus for transportation,” a reader writes.

“Several employees of the Baranavichy central polyclinic have a positive test for COVID-19. Regardless of this, they still to go to work. The Deputy Chief Accountant in the central polyclinic #1 has also been tested positive for the coronavirus, but continues to go to work,” the channel’s subscriber reports.

Pruzhany district

“Children in the village of Ruzhany are being tested, since a teacher of the music school has been detected to have COVID-19. Today we have at least 6 people who are sick,” the channel’s reader writes.

Biaroza district

“The fifth person died with the confirmed coronavirus in Biaroza yesterday morning,” the channel’s subscriber reports.

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