26 September 2020, Saturday, 5:09
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Polish Prime Minister: We Want Serious Sanctions Against Lukashenka

Polish Prime Minister: We Want Serious Sanctions Against Lukashenka

The factions of the Polish Sejm have reached a consensus on this issue.

After the meeting with the factions in the Sejm, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that all without exception called the sovereignty and independence of Belarus the greatest value. - We agreed that a consensus can be built around the most important issues for the Motherland, - he stressed, Belsat reports.

- We jointly call to release all political prisoners, decidedly call to release the arrested members of the Coordinating Council, - Mateusz Morawiecki said. - It is unacceptable that people who advocate freedom, democracy and sovereignty of Belarus are imprisoned by Lukashenka.

The head of the Polish government promised that a calendar of actions for providing Polish aid to Belarus will be presented in the coming days. Morawiecki also announced the upcoming meeting of Polish MEPs of all factions on Belarus and his own conversation on the situation in Belarus, which he intends to hold today with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Polish Prime Minister also wants to touch upon the issue of sanctions against the authorities of Minsk during the conversation. Morawiecki stressed that he is in constant contact with the prime ministers of the Visegrad Group countries.

- These are conversations that are supposed to draw attention to Belarus. I am very glad that we are doing it along with our Lithuanian friends who play a very positive role here, - he added.

- As for sanctions, we are talking about sanctions within the European format, and we also want them to be serious, so that Lukashenka takes them seriously. Therefore, a ban on entry into the European Union for twenty or thirty people is positively insufficient. We will talk about it, even today during my conversation with Chancellor Merkel I will raise the issue of sanctions, - Morawiecki stated.

Mateusz Morawiecki also said that several dozen people who "had severely suffered from the Lukashenka regime" found help in Poland without visas.

- I asked the Health Minister to adapt the hospital base to accept people from this country, - the prime minister said.

He also promised that meetings with representatives of parliamentary groups will continue as long as "the situation in Belarus will demand it."

- We have already agreed, but in a rather elastic calendar, as events in Belarus may speed up - both in the positive direction, which we all would like, and in the negative one, - Morawiecki said.

He noted that in both these cases the next meeting can take place even within 7-10 days. Morawiecki noted that in general, the meetings with the participation and opposition politicians will be held every two or three weeks.