13 April 2021, Tuesday, 6:59
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"Service Conditions In Unit Where Soldier From BelNPP Shot Himself Is Worse Than In Prison"

"Service Conditions In Unit Where Soldier From BelNPP Shot Himself Is Worse Than In Prison"

The deceased was serving only his third month.

The service conditions in the unit where the soldier shot himself are worse than in prison. This has been reported to the nexta_tv telegram channel by a source from the unit. The deceased soldier was serving only his third month. During the suicide, he made three shots. It is not yet known what exactly it was related to. Perhaps the automatic rifle was set to fire in bursts, or two shots were fired into the air.

Most likely, the cause of the incident was the unbearable conditions of service in the unit No. 7434 of the Interior Ministry troops. The soldiers report that the command ignores all norms related to the rest of the servicemen. The guard schedules and sleep norms are not observed (the conscripts are on duty for several days without rest and normal sleep). Visits and leaves have been canceled for a year now: no parcels, visits to homes, meetings with relatives or any other things that are permitted to all servicemen by law. Those who should have been on leave long ago are palmed off with promises. And recently the command has dumbfounded the soldiers with the rhetorical question, "What do you need this leave for?"

The morale of the soldiers is at an extremely low level - because of such conditions even those who have not long to serve are in a depressed state. What to say about the new conscripts, who are aware of their prospects of being stuck for 1.5 years in conditions that are in some ways worse than prison conditions. The soldiers are afraid of the command and do not want to write anything about these violations.

It is also reported that last week an inspection consisting of high-ranking officers from the Interior Ministry and the Internal Troops visited the unit, which put even more pressure on the conscripts.

Army Unit 7434 of the Interior Ministry troops opened in Astravets district in 2017. Its mission was to protect the BelNPP and escort strategic cargoes.