16 May 2021, Sunday, 21:37
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Doctors’ Opinion: Staying Out Of Politics Won’t Work

Doctors’ Opinion: Staying Out Of Politics Won’t Work

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Reflections on the place of doctors in the Belarusian protest movements have been going on since August 20, writes the White Robes Telegram channel.

Questions are heard from everywhere:

- Can doctors stay out of politics?

- Does a doctor have the right to love and hate, especially if they and their relatives have been tortured and abused?

- Does a doctor have the right to refuse medical assistance to a rapist and executioner?

The speed of the repressive machine against doctors (doctors Alena Baranava, Ruslan Badamshyn and Iryna Benkouskaya were fired only in the last week) is explained by nothing more than the fear of the system.

Employees of power structures, judges and prosecutors cannot but understand that they are committing nothing more than genocide of their people. Belarusians in general and doctors in particular have every reason for hatred and contempt.

Many representatives of the “power” find it difficult to understand that doctors are people just like everyone else, and therefore, nothing human is alien to them.

Especially - a heightened sense of justice.

The government is stamping more and more bills that allow them literally everything, including murders, while simultaneously “tightening the screws”, and depriving those who are not endowed with power - ordinary people - of their rights, even basic ones. Therefore, it turns out that some people are confident in their own impunity, while others, according to the legislators, should be obedient, silent slaves. What is permitted to Jupiter, not permitted to a bull? No, it doesn't work that way.

The unlearned history lesson of the middle of the last century is clear. Humanity then first encountered the phenomenon of fascism in Germany and, as reflected in a mirror, the genocide of own people in the USSR.

The fate of Doctor Zhivago amid the turbulence of the first half of the 20th century is an illustration of the tragedy of a man who wants to be outside politics, serves both “white” and “red”, wants to work, write, and love. But the result is deplorable - a broken life and destiny. The system used him, chewed and spit him out.

In the same way, the fate of the great scientist Lev Zilber was ruined.

Therefore, keeping in mind the lessons of the past, let's wake up and smell the coffee.

Doctors for any regime are consumables for solving current problems. Their knowledge, experience and skills are valued cheaply, although, in fact, they are much more expensive than the knowledge of all officials put together. And no one will be able to sit out until better times.

So maybe it is high time for healthcare officials, in the context of a legal default in Belarus, to stop manipulating doctors with the help of the Hippocratic Oath and the holy duty to save human lives?