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The Tax Authorities Issued an Invoice to the Widow of the Hero of Belarus Taraikouski for Almost $ 4.5 Thousand

The Tax Authorities Issued an Invoice to the Widow of the Hero of Belarus Taraikouski for Almost $ 4.5 Thousand
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Alena Herman is raising two children.

The Tax Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection in the Maskouski District of Minsk considered that charitable and gratuitous assistance to the family of 34-year-old Aliaksandr Taraikouski, who was killed on August 10, is his wife's personal income for 2020.

Income tax amounted to 11,001.63 Belarusian rubles (equivalent to about $ 4,435 - S.). Alena Herman had to pay this amount before June 1. From that day, penalty interest is charged daily.

Alena Herman is the widow of Aliaksandr Taraikouski. Their marriage was not officially registered. They lived like a family and raised children together - Darja, Alena's eldest daughter from her first marriage, and a common daughter Nasta.

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“When Sasha died, people from different countries, including our compatriots, began to transfer funds to my bank account,” Alena recalls in a conversation with the Salidarnasts correspondent.

Alena herself did not ask for help:

- After the death of Sasha, they took me by the hand to the bank and helped open an account.

She admits that she is very grateful to the people who supported her and the children in a difficult financial situation:

- My husband worked as an individual entrepreneur. What he earned was our main source of livelihood.

Alena considers it unfair to pay tax on the help provided by caring people.

- I saw a printout of the invoice: each transferred as much as he could, some five rubles... People earned this money, no one gave it to them just like that.

Alena prepared an appeal to the Minsk City Executive Committee and the Minsk City “Council of Deputies” with a request to exempt her from paying income tax, as this would worsen the material condition of her family.

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In her appeal, the widow of Aliaksandr Taraikouski also refers to the fact that, due to the refusal to initiate criminal proceedings against the police officers who killed her husband, she cannot bring them a civil claim for compensation for harm in connection with the loss of the breadwinner.

Daughter of Aliaksandr Taraikouski turned four in May. Mom did not immediately tell her about the death of her father.

- I said right away that dad was in the hospital. Nasta was worried, asked: do they give him injections, does it hurt him. She asked me to call him right now. Then I turned to a psychologist, he advised me to tell the truth because my daughter feels my emotional state.

Recently, there was a very difficult period when we cried together every evening, and now my daughter can calmly talk about her father.

We have Sasha's portrait hanging. She eats and spoon-feeds him.

She often remembers: "My dad taught me this." Asks: "Lift me up like dad." She says: "We were with him on this playground."

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Thank God, she already remembers him without tears. When people start talking about dad, she looks into my eyes: "Are you crying?"

Alena often drives past the place of her husband's death, next to the Pushkinskaya metro station.

- I see that people stop or slow down. Flowers are there almost always. It doesn't matter if they are there or not, people still remember Sasha and those events.

As for the trash can, which was recently installed there, I don't even know how to comment on it. Right now this is the personification of our authorities.