14 December 2019, Saturday, 5:43
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Syarhei Parsyukevich: “I was sitting on the floor handcuffed, and policemen were beating me in kidney area” (Photos from the trial)


Today in the court of Tsentralny district of Minsk the leader of Vitsebsk small businessmen Syarhei Parsyukevich has told how he had been beaten by an officer of a remand prison in Akrestsin Street Alyaksandr Dulub.

As informed by Radio Svaboda, the businessman told that he was in a cell having rest. Officer Dulub came and ordered everybody to stand up. Paryukevich started to stand up. He was lying barefoot on the plank bed. Dulub hit him with a boot on a leg strongly. Parsyukevich said that he is a retired police officer, and made a remark to Dulub for such behaviour. After that Dulub rose to a window, torn off a self-made flag; threw pieces of the flag to the place where Parsyukevich was lying. He told Parsyukevich to leave the cell and went to the room for interrogations. The businessmen sat to a bench there. Dulub entered and started to beat the prisoner on ears and head by his hands. Then Parsyukevich stood up, pushed him off and tried to stop blows by seizing the hands. In that moment another policeman, Yakimchyk, ran into the room. The two policemen grabbed the prisoner, flung him to the floor and handcuffed him.

After that the most terrible thing started. Parsyukevich told that he was sitting on the floor handcuffed, and Dulub was beating him on the face, and kicking in the kidney area. After that Parsyukevich was taken bad. He was allowed to use inhaler and called up an ambulance.

Today judge dismissed a motion for changing the measure of restraint for S. Parsyukevich. The defendant referred to bad health condition and impossibility to prove his innocence while he is imprisoned.

The businessman faces up to 6 years of imprisonment. He is charged with beating up the officer on duty Alyaksandr Dulub while serving the 15 days arrest in Akrestsin Street remand prison for participation in a protest rally of entrepreneurs. The businessman says that on the contrary the officer had beaten up him and charged him in order to escape responsibility.

Police officer Alyaksandr Dulub

Photo by "Nasha Niva"