18 December 2018, Tuesday, 21:48
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Observers from Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan expelled from Moldova


Moldova has parliamentary elections on Wednesday. The opposition didn’t recognize the results of the previous elections and organized mass protests.

Alexander Kynev, head of the regional programmes of the Foundation for Development of Information Politics, who came to Moldova as an observer representing Golos association, told Gazeta.Ru about expelling observers from the country.

According to Kynev, about 6 in the morning on Tuesday, representatives of the migration police of Moldova knocked at the doors to rooms of the observers in a hotel in Beltsy town. The members of delegation were taken to the local commissariat and were told there staying in the country was undesirable and the term of their staying in Moldova was reduced to midnight July 28. No claims were presented to the observers, Kynev said. Police refused to issue documents confirming the decision of the authorities to expel the observers from the country.

According to the source of Gazeta.Ru, the migration agency of Moldova took the same measures in relation to observers in other towns of the country who weren’t accredited by the Central Election Commission of Moldova.

CIS citizens from Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan are involved in the conflict. They are members ENEMO (European Network of Election Monitoring Organizations). ENEMO observers arrived in Moldova on the invitation of the Central Election Commission of Moldova, Kynev stressed. But it was found out that only 53 observers were accredited officially in the CEC. The observers, whose term of staying was reduced, were not probably accredited in the Central Election Commission.