23 January 2021, Saturday, 8:25
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Belarusian political prisoner Artsyom Dubski banned to receive parcels from outside until May

The Young Front activist complains at ill stomach and asks his mother to send medicines to prison.

Artsyom Dubski phoned to his mother on Thursday. The political prisoner asked when she was going to visit his and asked to take some medicines for stomach. Artsyom Dubski’s mother thinks her son has faced problems again.

“I worry about his mood. Last time, four days ago, his voice was more cheerful. But yesterday... Maybe he had a stomach ache or other problems. He said he wanted to tell me something, but didn’t say what exactly. He’ll tell everything during the visit,” Alena Dubskaya told Radio Svaboda.

Artsyom Dubski serves his term of punishment in a penal colony in Mahilou. He was got a two-week punishment in an isolation cell and was released from there last week. Alena Dubskaya received a letter from the prison administration, enlisting the violations for which Dubski had been sent to the isolation cell.

“They say that Artsyom “violated the internal regulations. He didn’t fulfil the rules and regulations of the colony and lawful demands of the administration, didn’t keep the cell clean, didn’t make the bed in due way, didn’t stand up before and greet administration representatives”.

Alena Dubskaya was also told her son was deprived of the right to receive parcels from outside until May 1. Artsyom Dubski is to be released on May 25.