9 May 2021, Sunday, 1:55
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19 years ago Belarus’ independence became a law (Photo)


Today the 18th anniversary of statutory expression of Belarusian independence is celebrated.

On August 25 1991 the Supreme Court of the Belarusian Soviet Social Republic gave the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Belarus was given the constitutional law status.

Thus supremacy of the Belarusian Constitution and laws over the so-called “union” ones was proclaimed Radio Svaboda informs.

Voting took place at the session called right after the August putsch in Moscow failed. Under the pressure of the Belarusian Popular Front opposition deputies headed by Zyanon Paznyak, the majority of the deputies of the Supreme Council supported de jure independence of Belarus. De facto Belarus gained independence in December 1991, after Belavezha Accords were signed, as a result of which the Soviet Union collapsed.

August 25 is not officially celebrated in Belarus, though in Ukraine this event (the Declaration received a status a constitutional law status) is celebrated as the state Independence Day.

August 24, 1991. The beginning of the extraordinary session of the Supreme Council of the 12th convocation, at which independence of Belarus was proclaimed (Valyantsin Holubeu with the flag; Zyanon Paznyak, Volha Halubovich).