26 January 2022, Wednesday, 14:51
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Judges to be blacklisted by EU since March 21

Judges to be blacklisted by EU since March 21

The countries of the European Union are to expand the black list of Belarusian officials by 19 persons.

Judges who had criminated participants of December 19 rally are to be put on the black list.

On March 16 the delegation of the organizing committee for creation of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party headed by the executive secretary Dzyanis Sadouski held a meeting at the German Foreign Office. Susanne Schütz, representative of the German Foreign Office responsible for work with Belarus, the European Radio for Belarus informs.

She has also informed that since Monday March 21 the European Union countries are to expand the list of Belarusian officials banned from entering the EU countries y 19 persons. First of all, judges who convicted political prisoners accused for participation in December 19 “mass riots” are to be concerned, Susanne Schütz said.