17 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:57

Former prison head: treatment of Dashkevich is a crime


It is necessary to fight for the release of political prisoners with all the means available.

It is a statement by a former captain of the Ivatsevichi regional police department Stanislau Khaladovich.

The actions of public support in Belarus as well as abroad played a major role in the slight easing of the prison treatment of Dzmitry Dashkevich.

The former head of a prison Stanislau Khaladovich addressed himself with a telegram to the head of the penal colony number 20 in Mozyr were Dzmitry Dashkevich is serving the term, the human rights center Viasna reports.

Stanislau Khaladovich was shocked with the lawlessness on the part of the administration and staff of the penal colony which was expressed in their treatment of the political prisoner. “Such a treatment of Dashkevich is a mere crime, one can’t call it differently, - the former captain of the Ivatsevichi regional police department Khaladovich. How can it be a correctional colony when they are destroying a prisoner morally and physically; even more – the prisoner, who actually didn’t commit a crime”.

Khaladovich asked the head of the colony to reconsider the treatment of Dashkevich and warned that after the change of the authorities everyone will be personally responsible for one’s crimes.

We would remind that because of a conflict with the colony’s head Dzmitry Dashkevich ended up in a penal cell and went on a hunger strike against the insults and persecution which started on the grounds of him being of a “different faith”.