21 September 2020, Monday, 18:55
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George Soros: Changes in Belarus are inevitable

George Soros: Changes in Belarus are inevitable

The billionaire and philanthropist made a speech in the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw.

The students, including Belarusians, managed to meet the famous American.

In the beginning of the 90-ies George Soros invested a lot in the development of educational institutions in Eastern Europe in order to give young people an education free from Marxists doctrines, Polskie Radio reports. The Open Society Institute and Soros foundations in different countries continue doing that today, although education is no longer the main direction in the scope of their activities.

“The policy carried out by the authorities in Belarus and Russia is nonsensical. It leads to degradation and economic lagging behind other countries in the world. Russia has an excellent intellectual potential, but it is not being developed in the right direction. Russian leaders receive money from oil and send it outside the country as they do not believe in their country”, - George Soros stated.

The billionaire is sure that changes are inevitable in Russia as well as in Belarus.

“Of course, public protests are suppressed, but in the recent years it has become patriotic to criticize the policy which harms Russia, - he said. – And these voices of discontent are impossible to quiet as they are absolutely right are they come from the society itself, even from the establishment. But so far the Russian authorities are leading the country in a bad direction – even from the point of view of purely Russian national interests. What concerns Belarus – it is an economic failure even according to Russian standards. Belarus is no less dependent on oil, than Russia, and it is dependent on foreign oil. Which means it is dependent on Moscow”.