23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:10

Dictator is going to export potassium through Russia


Belarus intends to transfer a large part of the export cargo traffic from Baltic hubs to the Russian ones.

It is the matter of the export of potassium fertilizers.

“I will not conceal it, we discussed this issue very seriously at our latest meeting with the president of Russia Vladimir Putin”, - Lukashenka said today when receiving the governor of the Leningrad region A. Drozdenko.

“We made a principled decision to reorient large amounts of cargo, including potassium fertilizers and others goods, from the harbors of the Baltic states to yours”, - Lukashenka promised.

“We need to look into this issue, this topic, very seriously. The president of Russian Federation unambiguously supported this initiative. We need to agree with the Belarus’ and Russia’s railways and implement these agreement as the fastest”, - the Belarusian ruler highlighted once again before asking for a discount.

“I think, even if you concede to Belarusians in something, you will significantly gain in terms of the volumes. Because it is more than a dozen million tons of cargo that we transport through the Baltic States’ harbors”, - Lukashenka voiced the plea and referred to the string-pulling. – “I will highlight it once again: we agreed with the president of Russia, that we will implement this program”.

But despite all the mentions of the Big Patron – Putin, there is always a small but insurmountable barrier in the way of all the Belarus-Russia’s grand agreements – disagreement over the tariffs.

“If we manage to introduce fair tariffs or, as we discussed that with Belarus’ government, at least come to the zero sum compared with the Baltic countries, than the economy of the Leningrad region, as well as the economies of Russia and Belarus will benefit from that. We are ready to transport technical equipment and mineral fertilizers and oil products and a lot of other goods. But I will repeat – we have to put an effort here on reaching fair tariffs”, - Drozdenko stated in his turn.