23 January 2018, Tuesday, 15:11

Pushkin appears in Supreme Court with portrait of Rastislau Lapitski


Artist Ales Pushkin appealed to the Supreme Court against a decision of the court of Smarhon district.

He asks to declare illegal the decision of the district court to sentence him to 10 days in custody. Ales Pushkin was punished for a procession in September. He and other artists walked though the town with a portrait of Rastislau Lapitski, an anti-Soviet fighter, to attract public attention to the innocent victim of repression, Radio Svaboda reports.

Ales Pushkin bring the portrait of Rastislau Lapitski in the Supreme Court to appeal against the court decision. The artist explains:

“In this way I'd like to put a period to my struggle for commemoration of the repressed man. I want a monument to be erected in Smarhon and a street or an art gallery to be given the name of Rastislau Lapitski. I want this man to be respected for his struggle for independent Belarus. It is political evidence that the state and the judicial branch  still remain neo-Stalinist and punish artists for contemporary art and peaceful processions calling to commemorate the repressed people and erect monuments to victims of repressions in towns.”