20 January 2018, Saturday, 21:59

Khashchavatski: Belarusians are partisans, each one in his forest, ready to make individual raids


Belarusians will find their own path to defend themselves from totalitarianism.

Such a statement has been made by Yury Khashchavatski (Yuri Khashchevatsky), a film director. He visited Mahilyou, where he presented one of his latest films, “Lobotomy”, “Radio Svaboda” informs.

“Lobotomy” is a film about the moral system of the political regime in Russia, and about the Russian aggression against Georgia. According to those who came to view the film, this film is of current interest as similar events are taking place in eastern Ukraine now.

Yury Khashchavatski himself says that Belarusians are frightened by the events in Ukraine. To his mind, the fear has been caused by the armed conflict in the South East of the neighbouring country more than by the Maidan: “Maidan itself is a wonderful example of how one’s human dignity should be defended. And Belarusians are frightened by the Russian aggression, provoking of “a civil war”, though it is purely an aggression with the use of local dwellers, who had been deceived by propaganda in a great measure. As always, Belarusians have hidden. Belarusians is a nation of partisans. It means, they can go away far into a thick wood. Everyone has gone away into one’s own wood. Everyone has his own wood,” the filmmaker says.

Sooner or later, Yury Khashchavatski believes, Belarusians would have to go “out of the forest.” “They would have to make raids anyway. It is bad when raids are made individually. We should wait for everyone to make a sally out of this forest together. And it is bound to happen,” he said.

According to Khashchavatski, Belarusians dread war. It is the most awful thing which could happen in their land. But not only the war in Donbas triggers fear, according to the interlocutor: “It is a fear multiplied by fear which had been instilled in our society by Lukashenka’s regime. I am sure that Lukashenka can go any length to defend his power. And Belarusians feel that. However, in 2010 they took to the streets. And a great number of people took part in the protest, in spite of the fact they had no doubts about harshness of our regime. They gathered to defend themselves. And they will defend themselves, but they are going to find some other ways.”

The filmmaker cannot predict the development of events in Belarus, but he is sure that Belarusians are to find their way to defend themselves from totalitarianism.

“No one believes we have totalitarianism here. And I am saying, we have totalitarianism! There are attempts to interfere in all spheres of human life with the use of methods of force. Now absolutely all structures have become force structures. Even education departments have become force structures, please note this. Everything is made as a carbon copy of an army. We should combat this trend,” he says.

Yury Khashchavatski is a proponent of boycott, and not only in the election, but of a total denial to cooperate with the authorities.

“When people understand that it is impossible to cooperate with these authorities, that they are treated as bondservants, and then they can infringe on its interests greatly, make it pay attention to the rights of people. Belarusians should settle down to self-cultivation to regain their self respect.”

Yury Khashchavatski confesses that he is afraid to fall under the influence of propaganda, “brainwashing” as he calls it. He recommends being moderate in watching Russian TV:

“When I switch on Russian TV, I see when they tell lies, however their pressure starts to enter me and change my outlook. That’s how strong it is. One cannot stay indifferent to it. It is a very serious influence. I am a very prepared person, as it is my profession, but I feel how dangerous it is. People should be very careful nowadays.”

The presentation of the film by Yury Khashchavatski took place in the community centre “Kola” (“Circle”). About 50 persons gathered to view the film of the well-known filmmaker.