25 April 2019, Thursday, 9:53
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Videofact: Belarusian Kicked “Cossack” Out Of Subway Train


The incident took place in Minsk.

A conflict between passengers took place in the Minsk metro train the other day. One of the readers sent a video of the incident to the editors office of Nasha Niva.

The participant in the dispute (who shot the video) accompanied it with his explanations.

He said that he had met a pro-Russian activist, the so-called Cossack, on the platform of the Kupalovskaya metro station and began shooting him on video. The “Cossack,” he said, was drunk and began to insult the shooting man.

The conflict continued in the train. There, the author of the video hit the hat off his opponent.

In the end, the “Cossack” was forced to leave the car.

“I have nothing against the Cossacks when they live in the Kuban, for example. But here they threaten Belarusian independence, the author of the video explains his motives. – It’s not the first time my friends and I have cut such people down to size.”