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Miss Belarus Volha Khizhynkova Sentenced to 12 Days in Jail

Miss Belarus Volha Khizhynkova Sentenced to 12 Days in Jail
Volha Khizhynkova

The verdict was passed in the Zavadski district of Minsk.

In the court of the Zavadski district of Minsk, Miss Belarus - 2008 and ex-press secretary of the Brest Dynama, Volha Khizhynkova, was convicted for participating in an unauthorized event. Note that she has already spent three days behind bars awaiting trial. Today she was given 12 days of arrest, tut.by reports.

How the trial went

In court, Volha pleaded not guilty. She said that on November 8, she went with flowers to congratulate a friend. For the first time, the security forces accepted her explanation, for the second time - in the area of the Cathedral - they did not accept it and took her away. It was at about 15.00 (the time indicated in the protocol is 15.10-15.30).

According to her, there was no procession or gathering of people at the place of detention - everything was like a normal day. She also did not shout any slogans.

According to her, in the paddy wagon, they sprayed gas, although only girls were there, and no one resisted.

Famous Belarusian athletes Krauchanka and Hanin were given 10 days each. They were detained three days ago

Further, a witness for the prosecution spoke in court, introducing himself as Vadalazau. He was wearing a balaclava. According to him, Volha took part in the march, shouted slogans against the authorities; she was warned that the march was illegal. Khizhynkova said earlier that no one had warned anyone; there was no procession.

Vadalazau also claimed that Volha was detained at Peramozhtsau Avenue, 5, although Khizhynkova previously noted that she was taken from the Cathedral.

Further, there was such a dialogue in the court:

Vadalazau: "I remember Khizhynkova because she is a beautiful girl."

Lawyer: "And the rest are not?"

Vadalazau: "Compared to the others, she is beautiful."

The lawyer gave the court a positive evaluation from her previous place of work - Dynama Brest. She also pointed out that there were mistakes and inaccuracies in the file.

For example, Vadalazau argued that Khizhynkova shouted slogans against the current government, but he could not remember which ones. In the witness's interrogation protocol, it is written that she shouted: "Long live Belarus!" and "Go away!"

At 11.27, the judge went to the meeting. Khizhynkova was given the opportunity to talk with her husband. She said that the detention conditions at Akrestsina Street were fine and asked him to give the right pills to the pet and bring her a book by Okudzhava. She said that she was mentally ready for 15 days.

At 11.40, the judge returned and said that the case had been sent for revision.

At 14.30, the court resumed.

In the new protocol, the time of detention was corrected to 14.50-15.10. Witness Vadalazau said that "they detained so many that he could have made a mistake." The witness also did not remember the name of the police department officer who interviewed him. In addition, according to him, the employee was wearing a balaclava, so he did not remember his appearance. In which office he was interviewed, he also does not remember.

The lawyer asked to call the district inspectors who drew up the reports as witnesses. The judge rejected the request.

The final decision of the court is 12 days of arrest. Considering that she was detained 3 days ago, Volha has 9 more to spend behind bars.

Let us remind you that on Sunday, November 8, Volha Khizhynkova was detained and taken to the Zavadski District Department of Internal Affairs. Later, she was transferred to Akrestsina Street.