19 May 2022, Thursday, 5:00
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All-Belarusian Strike (Online)

All-Belarusian Strike (Online)

(updated) Let's send the “cockroach” to the dump.

After the call for the All-Belarusian Strike, more and more enterprises and workers across the country are joining it.

At the same time, due to the disconnection of the Internet, dozens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises of various forms of ownership and state institutions do not work in Belarus. Out of fear of popular protests, Lukashenka turned off the Internet and provoked a large-scale strike that covered transport, trade, banks, and the IT sector.

16:13 As reported by the Nasha Niva Telegram channel, the workers of the striking Belenergotekhproekt went to support colleagues from the Electromechanical Plant, who joined the All-Belarusian strike.

14.58 A Minsker has blocked the “blue” metro line to express his protest. The man has stepped on the railings with a poster demanding to stop violence against peaceful demonstrators. The people have gone out of the carriages and applauded.

14.03 70 striking workers have gathered near the main entrance of the Minsk Tractor Plant. They demand from the leadership to clarify the situation in the country. People keep coming.

13.51 In Minsk, trolleybus drivers refuse to go to work on the second shift after being informed about the injury of a bus driver on the evening of August 10. The 4th trolleybus fleet has gone on strike.

13.44 The banking system in Belarus does not work due to the fact that the frightened Lukashenka turned off the Internet. Banks notify the National Bank of the situation, but have not received a response yet.

13.37 Workers of “Belshina” in Babruisk have started a strike. A factory worker informed Charter97.org about this.

13.31 Striking workers of the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant put forward their demands to the authorities. There are four points: 1) Immediately stop violence against unarmed civilians who have the right to peacefully express their political position! 2) Stop provocations to justify the actions of the security forces. 3) Release the people detained during the past peaceful demonstrations. 4) Turn on the Internet to eliminate the likelihood of speculation and rumors.

13.25 Workers of the margarine plant began a march along the streets of Minsk.

13.15 Workers of the Belenergotekhproekt enterprise, about 100 people, are walking along Kazlou Street towards the Minsk Margarine Factory to support the workers who have put forward demands for free elections and the release of political prisoners.

13.13 It's hot at the Minsk Electrotechnical Plant named after Kozlov. The workers are determined to protest strongly.

13.08 “Hrodna Azot” has not recognized the election results, and is preparing to go on strike.

13.04 The strike began at the RUE “Belenergosetproekt” in Minsk. Employees have left their workplaces.

13.04 Hundreds of workers in the capital's enterprises are leaving their workplaces. People are marching along the streets of Minsk. The All-Belarusian strike has begun in the country.

13.00 Minskers have come to support the striking workers of the electrical engineering plant.

12.52 The Minsk Margarine Factory has stopped. People leave their workplaces en masse.

12.36 The strike has begun at the Institute of Chemistry of New Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The staff have walked outside, are standing near the institute clapping their hands.

12.33 Minsk is buzzing. Drivers support striking workers.

12.24 Workers of BelAZ in Zhodzina are discussing the format of the strike. The people feel determined.

12.17 Zhabinka sugar plant has completely stopped work. People gathered in the Palace of Culture, summoned the chairman of the district executive committee Vital Kulak, and demand negotiations.

11.07 Some workers of the JSC “Integral” plant have begun to strike.

9.47 Minsk Electrotechnical Plant has started a strike.

8.59 Several workshops of the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant - at least the pipe-rolling and rope-producing workshops - have actually stopped working.