6 March 2021, Saturday, 7:55
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BT Will Be Left Without Eurovision?

BT Will Be Left Without Eurovision?

The Belarusian Foundation for Cultural Solidarity has sent a request to the European Broadcasting Union.

The Belarusian Foundation for Cultural Solidarity (BFCS) has launched a campaign to exclude Belteleradiocompany from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Also, BFCS wants to deprive BT of the rights to participate and broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest, euroradio.pl reports.

A corresponding letter has been sent to the office of the European Broadcasting Union in Geneva.

In his post on Facebook, the representative of the fund, Sergei Budkin, explained that they do not want to deprive Belarus of Eurovision.

"We want to ensure that Belteleradiocompany is not related to everything that is called "European" since this building is not located in Europe. It is in the territory of Evil.

BT today is not a media, but an instrument of political pressure and propaganda, with the help of which enmity is incited in society. They fire their employees simply for posting on the social networks and break contracts for expressing their civic position, as happened with the winners of the national selection for Eurovision-2020 VAL.musicproject. And those who still stayed to work are kept in awe," writes Budkin.

He recalls that the head of BT, Ivan Eismont, has already been included in the EU's "blacklist," which includes people involved in falsifying elections in Belarus and responsible for unjustified repressions. Meanwhile, Eismont is leading the Belarusian delegation to the Eurovision Song Contest. A meeting of the heads of national delegations is scheduled for March 15 in Rotterdam, where the head of the BT will probably go.

The goal of the Cultural Solidarity Fund's campaign, Budkin explains, is to prevent BT representatives from participating in the Rotterdam meeting. And ideally - exclusion of Belteleradiocompany from the European Broadcasting Union.