20 October 2021, Wednesday, 23:36
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Empty Chair Method

Empty Chair Method

We combine the best practices and techniques.

Today in Belarus many events have been stirring up the whole world for more than a year. Usurpation of power, hybrid war, economic crisis, coronavirus, and thousands of prisoners. All civilized countries are helping the Belarusians to get out of the situation created by the dictator.

Diasporas in an organized manner demand the strengthening of sanctions against the regime and support the initiative of Siarhei Dyleuski - to stay at home. In fact, this practice will not only benefit workers. We'll help designated bosses try the famous empty chair technique.

Do you know what this technique is? For this experiment, you need a regular chair, on which you sit an imaginary interlocutor. Start telling him what you care about. Then sit down in the place of the "participant in the dialogue" and try to get used to his role, bring his arguments to yourself.

It is this trick that the factory bosses will have to do when the workshops are empty. They will have to imagine workers in helmets for a long time and listen to their demands. Fortunately, there are only ten of them, and they have been announced by the Belarusian Association of Workers. Being in workshops or at workplaces, the bosses see us every day, and this has become the norm for them. They are not afraid of losing the workforce, which, in fact, feeds them. However, very soon the day will come when they will have to solve all the issues on their own.

Imagine the situation: there is not a single working specialist but only the management of the enterprise in expensive suits. Naturally, they will try to work on their own. But you and I know how long it takes to become professionals in our fields. I bet it will take them less than an hour to realize that they cannot cope without workers.

This technique can be used not only by factory workers. Any employee will prove the value of his work to his superiors by stopping work. Accountants can leave their managers with difficult calculations, secretaries can leave hundreds of calls on them, and drivers can make them turn the steering wheel for hours.

In less than a week, the understanding reaches the highest offices that the dictator needs to be removed. And for this, we do not need to talk a lot and convey our demands. We just need to let them hear us. Leave them alone.

After such therapy, working conditions will improve in all industries in the country, in all offices, in all garages and depots. In addition to solving the common Belarusian problem, such a strike method will forever change the relationship between bosses and workers for the better.

Those who have not yet created a stock of food - it's time to do it. The Belarusian strike combines the best practices and techniques, therefore, it becomes a unique method for change.

There will be a strike!

Artem Chernikov, specially for the Basta! Telegram channel