19 April 2021, Monday, 16:19
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The Regime Is Rapidly Losing the Battle

The Regime Is Rapidly Losing the Battle

Belarus is reviving.

Spring came almost right on schedule. In Minsk, there is real March. From under the remnants of the snowdrifts, "unidentified" symbols appeared together: flags on the asphalt, motivating inscriptions, harmoniously painted stairs. And in general, some kind of general revitalization of the spirit is in the air. There is more and more sun, as well as optimism, Belarusian writer Andrei Zhvaleuski writes on Facebook.

Meanwhile, the "power" is rapidly losing the battle in the information field. And how not to lose if even, in the virtual world, the regime can offer nothing but "ban and imprison"? There are already real terms for "online insults." The main television broadcaster Ivan Eismant complained today: "A public person can boldly call any of the state channels "Goebbels-TV," and we cannot do anything about it, it must be changed." Do you think this is about stopping cosplaying Goebbels? No, it's about increasing punishments.

The image of the security officials has fallen the most. "Minister" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Kubrakou complains that many families of police officers have faced insults and threats. And for 800 places in the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, only 100 applications were submitted. For the first time in history. I wonder why?

But the "state" inflicts propaganda counterstrikes. 2000 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were brought to the Lipki airfield to shoot a propaganda video. As I understand it, they were performing drill techniques there against the background of brown snow. And in the Investigative Committee, every morning will begin with a hymn. All this will undoubtedly increase the prestige of "law enforcement officers" by two meters, no less.

Another funny propaganda somersault was performed by the NOC of Belarus. It replaced the "president." Instead of A. Lukashenka, now it's V. Lukashenka. Which is amazingly strange since V. is on the same sanctions list as A.

Perhaps all of these are awkward attempts to create a news event to distract from the economy. Because it is crumbling much faster than it seemed to many (for example, to me). According to the Ministry of Finance, the state debt of Belarus increased by 1.9 billion rubles ($ 730 million) in January. Employment decreased by 7.8 thousand people (it also decreased in December). Real pensions decreased by 1.1% - for the first time in two years.

And over the year, the state debt of Belarus increased by 13 billion rubles or 29%. Net profit of enterprises for the year collapsed by 43.7%. The number of unprofitable enterprises increased, and most importantly, their net loss increased 2.4 times.

They do not want to invest in "lukanomics." In January, it was possible to attract investments for only $ 35.7 million, but more than $ 270 million had to be spent on servicing the external debt. During the year, 3.5 billion dollars were spent on this business.

The devastation hits the ordinary Belarusians the hardest. In Maladzechna yesterday, 166 houses and a kindergarten were left without water - an accident on the pipeline. In Krasnapolle, for the same reason, 7 apartment buildings and 40 private houses, a kindergarten, and two boiler houses were dehydrated. And there was a fire at the Mozyr Oil Refinery. Fortunately, no casualties, but who knows what will happen next time (God forbid).

In the mines of Salihorsk, the devil knows what is going on. This is no longer a joke, it is necessary to change the government as soon as possible, at least in order to preserve the health and life of people.

The international community reminds us literally every day that it remembers Belarus. Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal instructed to consider the issue of imposing sanctions against the Belarusian officials responsible for the repression and businessmen associated with Lukashenka. American congressmen remind us that it is time to press the naughty ones.

Well, our representatives abroad do not let you relax. Partner of Belaruskali, the Norwegian company Yara, communicated with the Belarusians of Lithuania. It seems that Yara is hesitating, thinking to terminate the contract. You can sign a petition to encourage them to do this.

And about the beautiful. 1,866 photos with the faces of 8.3 thousand Belarusian demonstrators were uploaded to the neural network. The neural network produced the result of an average protester who turned out to be a female. Which once again proves how cool our women are. But the artist Gleb Burnashev conjured up a little to make the portrait "gender-neutral." In my opinion, it turned out to be a very pretty face.

If I met this person on the street, I would definitely smile. And I would say: "Long live Belarus!"

Or rather: "Belarus is reviving!"