27 September 2022, Tuesday, 1:31
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First Mess of Minsk-Mahilyov Archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich

First Mess of Minsk-Mahilyov Archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich was served in the Minsk cathedral of Holy Maiden Maria 26 September.

As spokesman of the Belarusian Roman Catholic Church priest Alyaksandr Amyalchenya reported ,the Apostolic Administrator of the Minsk-Mahilyou arch diocese bishop Antoni Dzyamyanka , General Vicar of arch diocese prelate Edmund Dovgilovich –Novitsky, Chancellor of the Minsk-Mahilyov metropolitan curia priest Yuri Kasabutsky, Dean of the Cathedral Priest Antoni Klimantovich and other Belarusian priests participated in the mess.

"At the beginning of the mess archbishop Tadeush Kandrusevich was welcomed from the depth of the heart by Bishop Antoni Dzyamyanka. In the answer archbishop Tadeush expressed his pleasure of being again on the native ground, among the compatriots, - A.Amelchenya told. – In his speech the archbishop emphasized a role of believers in observing of the Divine words. For this purpose each believer should deepen his spirituality by reading the religious literature where the first place belongs to the foundation of our belief - the Bible.

Archbishop Tadeush has called all present for reading the Holy Scriptures for becoming live pages of the Gospel”.

According to the spokesman, the newly appointed metropolitan asked to pray for the Belarusian Roman Catholic Church, for the Minsk-Mahilyov arch diocese and for its new head.