26 August 2019, Monday, 13:19
We are in the same boat

Campaign in support of political prisoner Andrei Kim held in Livejournal

An online community dedicated to the political prisoner Andrei Kim has been created at LiveJournal service.

All available information about the imprisoned youth leader, photos and video clips from rallies held in Belarus with a demand to release the political prisoner, and a series of cartoons with Andrei Kim as a hero can be found there. The author of the drawings is an artist from Russia.

“The objective of creation of such a web resource is to attract attention to Andrei Kim, who is imprisoned on political grounds. We want as many people as possible to learn that Andrei had been imprisoned illegally. We also wanted to show people by these pictures that Andrei is a noble, intelligent and great-hearted person. He was put in prison only for joining protesting people,” told a friend of the political prisoner Andrei Minskevich to Charter’97 press-center.

As we have informed, Andrei Kim was detained during a protest rally of market vendors and has spent in the remand prison almost two months.