21 August 2019, Wednesday, 4:51
We are in the same boat

Eyesight of Political Prisoners Andrei Kim declines

Andrei Kim has been visited by his mother in the prison hospital. The political prisoner was placed there because of eyes inflammation.

The first meeting of Tatsyana Kim with her son after the trial lasted for about an hour. Tatsyana Kim told to Radio Svaboda about his state of health: “He has problems with eyes naturally. Especially the left eye is red as a beet! He needs glasses quickly. The doctor said that my son will be examined, and I will be sent a prescription in a letter, and I am to buy glasses according to it”.

Andrei Kim’s eyesight started to drop quickly after he was placed to the remand prison in Minsk. Doctors said to the mother of the activist about an infection, but mother reminds about her son’s complaints about darkness in the cell, and that people are smoking there all the time, which made his eyes tear. “Now, in the hospital were no one smoke, his eye pain lessened,” Tatsyana Kim refers to her son.

Andrei Kim also complained about heart pain. What do prison doctors say about that? The doctor who talked to relatives of patients of the prison hospital today, told about Andrei Kim’s overall health abruptly: “Good”. No more information was received from the doctor. When Andrei Kim will be discharged from the hospital, he hadn’t said either.

As we have informed, the leader of the “Initiative” Andrei Kim was sentenced to 1.5 years of colony for alleged beating a traffic policeman during a street rally of market vendors. The activist plans to meet with his lawyer in a few days and prepare an appeal to Minsk site court. Andrei Kim’s mother visited him in a prison hospital where he was placed because of eyes inflammation.