12 November 2019, Tuesday, 5:00

Political prisoner Andrei Kim put in quarantine in Babruisk colony

Political prisoner Andrei Kim was put in quarantine in the Babruisk penal colony. He can serve 1.5 year of imprisonment in this colony.

Mother of the political prisoner learnt it from the special department of the colony.

“I phoned there and they said there was such a person there, they told he wasn’t convicted, but had filed a cassation appeal,” Tatsyana Kim told to Radio Svaboda.

What is known about the Babruisk colony, where the activist got to? Babruisk journalist Ales Chyhir says: detention conditions in the colony are not bad – the building was erected in the second half of the last century as a prison. An index of “softness” of the regime is who of famous people is serving punishment in Babruisk.

“As far as I know, chairman of Belneftekhim Alyaksandr Barouski is serving punishment there. In general, I haven’t heard anything bad about the conditions in the colony,” the journalist says.

According to Tatsyana Kim, he son was put in quarantine. Former political prisoner Valer Levaneuski , who is familiar with quarantines in various Belarusian colonies, explained what peculiarities had this stage of imprisonment. According to Mr Levaneuski, a prisoner in quarantine is restricted of mailing and appointments, but the main thing is that the administration begins to press over some disobedient prisoners and even locks them up.

“I don’t know if he is optimistic. Usually, when a person is broken, shown who is chief here, that he can do nothing, even not complain, the administration lock a person up under a vain pretext. Anyways, it was during my term of imprisonment,” Levaneuski said.

Andrei Kim was sentenced by the Tsentralny district court of Minsk to a year and a half of imprisonment. The activist didn’t admit his guilt and appealed against the judgement. It is yet unknown when the appeal will be heard.