24 March 2018, Saturday, 22:55

Screws and bolts as filling of explosive device (Photo)

Pictures showing that the injured had been wounded by bolts and screws filling the home-made bomb, have been published in blogs.

“About 20 persons were taken to us. All of them are alive, they have wounds of different size and seriousness, mostly lower leg wounds; they have foreign bodies (screws); there was one open fracture of a lower leg. All of them have been offered treatment, and now we are to settle matters with documents. A boy of 18 was the most difficult case out of all injured taken to our hospital. He was filled with all this iron things most: in his foot, forearm, in chest and abdominal cavities. We finished saving him only at 9 a.m.” a doctor-blogger writes.

“And I really liked the version of hooliganism… The only thing which could be more impressive is to call it an accident… Or massive suicide…” the blogger adds.