13 December 2019, Friday, 13:02
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Lukashenka to Polish mass media: Medvedev lies (Video)


The Belarusian dictator has attacked at the Russian president for his address in the videoblog.

“That concerns me personally. If it concerned the state, I would not greet him any more. But I was tolerant to that. It concerns me personally. It does me no harm. Medvedev has demonstrated what kind of politician he is. Would a politician behave like that with a colleague? It’s a lie, it is untrue. If we are speaking with you in private capacity, it is a catastrophe it could not be offered for discussion. Who would discuss any problems with him after that? I had never discussed policies of Yeltsin and Putin with Medvedev, I am saying that openly,” Lukashenka said.

Pressing his hand to his threat, he noted that he had never concealed that he had problems with Vladimir Putin and Boris Yeltsin.