23 January 2021, Saturday, 8:33
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Belarusian political prisoner Artsyom Dubski placed to punishment cell for 15 days


The political prisoner has been placed to a punishment isolation cell for demanding improvement of incarceration conditions in the colony.

Alena Dubskaya, the mother of the political prisoner, has found out that her son had been placed to punishment isolation cell when she arrived to the colony to meet with her son, Radio Svaboda informs.

Officers of the colony refused to hand over the parcel with food and things from her, explaining that Artsyom Dubski had been transferred to the punishment isolation cell for 15 days, since February 10.

Alena Dubskaya found out that her son had been charged with not greeting someone from the workers of the colony politely enough. Besides, he started collecting signatures of cell-mates under a demand to improve incarceration conditions in the colony.

For 15 days Artsyom Dubski will stay in an isolated cell, he would be deprived of a right for walks, of possibility to receive letters, parcels, meet with relatives.

We remind that “Young Front” activist Artsyom Dubski was sentenced to a year in minimum security penal colony for violation of the rules of serving punishment in the notorious Case of 14, when 14 youth activists were sentenced to restriction of liberty for their participation in protests rallies of entrepreneurs. In 2009, Amnesty International recognized the participants of the Process of 14 prisoners of conscience.