30 January 2023, Monday, 20:40
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Dear friends, we need your help!


Our work has become harder after barbarian crackdown of special services on office of web-site charter97.org

We are sure that confiscation of computers had no connection to expertise of criminal case about insult of KGB general as police claims. It was a meaningful attempt of authorities to hamper work of one of the most popular Belarusian news site and intimidate both its workers and readers.

In the next few days we won’t be able to continue our work in regular schedule. Confiscation of computers has substantially influenced our work. But we are full of determination to restore full-scale work of the web-site charter97.org.

We received many offers of help from you, our dear readers, after articles concerning crackdowns on offices, repressions against journalists and pressure of authorities. Every such offer is especially valuable and important today.

We will accept any offer of technical assistance to charter97.org. Please, send them to e-mail charter97help@gmail.com

Today we need at least 8 system blocks (or laptops) for office work –working with texts and images, surfing the internet, translation, etc.

We guarantee that all the assistance provided will be applied on stable functioning of the web-site and its upgrading. The result will always be in your sight at charter97.org.

For your and our freedom!

Charter97.org team