21 January 2018, Sunday, 9:37

Pavel Vinagradau sentenced for 5 days in prison


The youth activist was sentenced to an administrative arrest for a toy protest action.

Andrei Dzmitryeu told about that on his Facebook page.

We would remind that on the evening of 11 December they called Vinagradau from the criminal and executive inspection of the Minsk’s Moscow district and asked to come over on Wednesday morning to fill in some papers. Pavel Vinagradau is under surveillance of the inspection. When the youth activist arrived to the inspection he was detained and taken to the Pervomayski district’s police department.

There they composed a protocol against him for violating the article 23.24 of the administrative code (illegal picketing). The reason for that was a toy protest action held on 10 December in the Parvomayski district of Minsk.

On 10 December the activists of Zmena lined up stuffed animals opposite the National Library together with banners. The writings on the banners had grammatical mistakes.