21 January 2019, Monday, 13:45
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Sanctioned Makei takes revenge


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, known as the last Europe’s dictatorship, prepared a report about “human rights violations in certain countries of the world in 2010”.

“The report’s goals is to bring attention to the violations of human rights in the countries, which traditionally refer to themselves as “mature democracies”, to demonstrate specific facts of them non-complying with their own international legally binding obligations. And what is no less important, to mention the victims, who are normally kept silent about by the violator countries and international organizations, specialized in human rights”, - the opening statement of the report says. The report is prepared by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Uladzimir Makei.

The head of the MFA stated that “human rights, which were initially the sphere of the relations between the society and the state, the element of exclusively internal policies, started to play a role of a foreign policy instrument in the modern world”. “More and more often the relations between states in the sphere of human rights are not formed based on the principle of equal partnership of countries that have different development paths, but with one same final goal – the wellbeing of their citizens, but on the basis of dictatorship, pressure and imposing of their “only right” views”, - Makei noted.

The head of the MFA claimed that “ignoring problems leads to impunity, and as it is shown in the report, to the worsening of the situation with human rights”. “It proves the fact that there can be no elites or outsiders in the sphere of human rights, neither mentors, nor students”, -Makei said.

As they stated in Belarusian MFA, the report is prepared on the basis of the information from Belarusian diplomatic missions, media and “other trustworthy sources”.

The reports provides the facts of human rights violations in 23 European countries, including Poland, Austria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Germany, France, Great Britain and also in the USA and Canada.

We would remind, that the head of Belarus’ MFA Uladzimir Makei is not allowed to enter the EU countries and the USA for participating in repressions against opposition.