22 July 2019, Monday, 13:39
We are in the same boat

Belarusian Border Committee Knows Not What Happens At Belarus-Russia Border


The Border Committee failed to comment why the EU citizens had been banned from entering the Russian Federation through Belarus.

The State Border Committee does not provide borderline control in the border-crossing points “Karsnoye” (“Krasnaya Gorka”) and some others; these are the internal crossing points of the Russian Federation at the Brest-Moscow road near Smolensk.

This is how the spokesman for the Belarusian Border Committee Aliaksandr Tsishchanka commented to the Radio Liberty the information provided by DW, that Russia amended the rules for entrance of the EU citizens through the Belarusian border, and now they are not admitted to Belarus:

“At the Belarusian-Russian border, in the border-crossing point “Krasnaya Gorka” near Smolensk and others, there are no Belarusian forces of border-line control. We are only protecting the outer borders of the country, there are no our border guards at the internal borders of the “union state” of Belarus and Russia, as our border with Russia remains transparent. The fact that Russian border guards do not let the European Union citizens in, it’s their right.

I haven’t heard or read the official comment of the Border Service of the Russian Federal Security Service. As for the things that some Polish citizens say, they need to be checked. There are common rules for entering Russia and Belarus: if there is a visa regime, a foreign citizen should have a visa of the country where they are heading for, and the transit visa of the country he is travelling through on the way to the place of destination. There is a certain order of migration control, and the Belarusian border guards follow it. As for the actions of the Russian counterparts or rumours, I cannot comment on those.”

Since September, the Russian border guards stopped letting the EU citizens, who drove private cars, to Russia in the border-crossing point “Krasnaya Gorka”, located on the highway Brest - Moscow near Smolensk. This was reported by Polish citizens.

The Russian Federal Security Service’s Border Guard Service motivated it by the fact that there were no international checkpoints, through which foreign citizens could enter, at the border between Russia and Belarus. The simplified border regime is only valid for citizens of Belarus and Russia.