26 May 2022, Thursday, 7:18
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Zvyazda Editor-In-Chef Resigns

Zvyazda Editor-In-Chef Resigns

The ex-minister of information was appointed in his place.

Pavel Sukharukau, editor-in-chief of the Zvyazda newspaper and the Zvyazda publishing house, filed a letter of resignation. Aliaksandr Karlyukevich, ex-minister of information, was appointed in his place. Zvyazda journalists have reported this to tut.by.

On August 20, Minister of Information Ihar Lutsky introduced Karlyukevich to the team. As Pavel Sukharukau stated at this meeting, he himself made such a decision. According to him, he was influenced by the events of the last days that happened in the editorial office.

On August 13, the journalists of the newspaper "Zvyazda" made an appeal.

“We urge respect for journalists working on the scene and performing their professional duties. We urge you not to use force against those who express their opinion, and not to show aggression, no matter which side you are on. We call on everyone to respect the law, but above all - human dignity. Violence can only give rise to violence, the journalists wrote.

On August 17, the team announced to the management that they wanted to “honestly cover the events in the country”. After that, Minister of Information Ihar Lutski came to the editorial office, followed by Volha Shpileuskaya, head of the Main Ideological Department of Lukashenka's Administration. As baj.by writes, “She tried to persuade the Zvyazda jousnalists that they did not understand the situation in the country themselves”.

According to the journalists of the publication, Shpileuskaya said that “if someone does not like the violation of the 4th and 6th articles of the Law on Mass Media of the Republic of Belarus, let them write a letter of resignation.”

Article 4 deals with the “Basic Principles of Mass Media Activity”. This includes the diversity of opinions (“the media provide free expression and dissemination of different opinions and views in the society”). Article 6 states that “monopolization of the media by state bodies, political parties, other public associations, other legal entities or individuals is not allowed.”

As journalists of Zvyazda reported, in the morning of August 18, an employee of the Ministry of Information Nadzeya Belskaya called two deputy editors-in-chief and announced the dismissal of editor-in-chief Pavel Sukharukau. The meeting of the Zvyazda team began.

Even then there were rumors that the team would be headed by Aliaksandr Karlyukevich. Later, Pavel Sukharukau said that he remained the chief editor.

On the same day, August 18, the staff of the newspaper Zvyazda announced that they were starting a strike since August 20. The journalists demanded to stop censorship and persecution and pressure on journalists.

In their appeal, the Zvyazda journalists demanded:

- to stop censorship, biased approach and the attempts on the part of the state structures to influence the contents of Zvyazda newspaper; to give the Zvyazda team an opportunity since August 20, 2020 to work in accordance with the Law on the Media and publish truthful, objective and diverse information; to stop harassment, pressure, moral and physical violence with regard to the journalists fulfilling their professional duties on the territory of Belarus.