8 May 2021, Saturday, 16:41
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Mankurt Conspiracy

Mankurt Conspiracy
Andrei Sannikau

The effect, as expected, turned out to be the opposite.

I envy some "independent" analysts, their extraordinary abilities. Especially admire two qualities: without any pause, without stopping for a second, change the previous point of view to the diametrically opposite and, forgetting to say at least briefly - "well, I was mistaken, good people, it happens, forgive me, I was drunk, I will correct myself" - continue to depict an extra-planetary creature above the battle, forced to watch the senseless swarming of people.

Well, the second quality is generally mysterious for me: to tell the pro-government version of what is happening in my own words. They especially like to distinguish the nuances in personnel promotions and demotions, as if there is something to distinguish, and as if this somehow influences the behavior of the monster that has settled in Belarus. And what a joy splashes into analytical analytics when a dictator appoints another "liberal" to amuse himself and to fool Western suckers.

To my surprise, there are still such connoisseurs of deep drilling today, when, it would seem, it is simply a shame to be not with the people, but on the other side of good.

Well, whatever, lies from both the official and unofficial holes do not affect what is happening. But it is worth taking a closer look at the official streams of consciousness. In them, with a critical eye, one can find valuable information about what is really happening in Belarus.

The invaders, indeed, unleashed unprecedented repressions on the Belarusians. Here are some figures for today (official): 34,607 arrests, 2407 cases of "extremist orientation" have been initiated since August 2020, 522 political prisoners.

These repressions are accompanied by a real revelry of stupidity, obsequious lies, ostentatious zeal, and sick imagination of the rank holders.

They regularly, on a weekly basis, uncover conspiracies, prevent sabotage, find caches with weapons, extract funding for subversive activities from behind the couch, report on the destruction of all enemies, and then again report on new conspiracies, saboteurs, weapons. And all this with the loud clicking of heels and the acrid smell of uniforms smelling of fear. Worthy successors of the KGB notion about a rat thrown into the sewers.

It is well known that under dictators with a sick psyche, their numerous special services live only on fictions about the impending attempts on the body of the ruler. Only for so many years, even all these numerous parasites have become convinced of how consistent the Belarusian opposition is in upholding the principle of non-violent resistance. They know very well that all their attempts, through their agents, to provoke at least talk of violent methods have failed miserably. Violence in Belarus is used only by the Lukashenka regime.

Why is there then all this nonsense about conspiracies, terrorists, and extremists? Even the fake news creators themselves do not believe this. Nobody in Belarus believes this, not even three percent of Lukashenka's supporters. Lukashenka no longer believes this either, although it is easy to frighten the frightened one. This is not believed either in Russia or in the West.

Everything is simple: Lukashenka is still the addressee, and the performers are straining all their brains to invent something that their master can somehow use to justify his clinging to power.

In other words, in this ward for the mentally ill called the Lukashenka regime, one violent pretends to be the leader, and the rest try to please him by inventing horror stories.

This is some kind of a new level of hopeless stupidity: to mobilize the entire remaining personnel of Lukashenka's servants to invent a deliberate lie.

However, the service zeal of the punishers and the animal fear of the dictator did them a disservice.

Let's take another look at the repression figures. Tens of thousands who have gone through detentions and prisons - this is the army of the people's militias. It is naive to think that truncheons and prison cells can suddenly make you fall in love with this power. To hate even more - yes, to admit - never.

Hundreds under criminal law are, after all, hundreds of leaders for the new Belarus, among them are recognized leaders such as Statkevich, Seviarynets, Afnahel, and new, many young people.

Several thousand criminal cases are convincing evidence of a nationwide protest against this government. These cases are fabricated literally for against ages and social and professional groups: workers, doctors, journalists, IT specialists, journalists, bloggers, musicians, bankers, businessmen, military personnel, students, athletes, even old people and children appear in them.

In general, lackeys overdid it. They showed the real scale of popular anger and determination to get rid of this regime, recognized the peaceful nature of the protests, fabricating false and laughable accusations of violence, and named hundreds of civil society leaders and leaders of the Belarusian revolution.

But even this seemed not enough.

The special services, in cooperation with the propagandists, went so far as to uncover the conspiracy among themselves and devoted three films to it called "Mankurty," in which they convincingly showed how the "power" bloc disintegrates. The characters that are shown in this film as "traitors" do not matter. There is, as it should be, more fiction and fakes than the truth. It is important that the creators of this TV horror story said that traitors are everywhere: in the special services, the police, the army, in the administration of Lukashenka. They plot, record dirt on each other and on their master, and send it all abroad in order to somehow atone for their guilt before the people.

In the annotation to the film on the Youtube channel of its creators, it is indicated that the KGB carried out a special operation, "pulling just one thread."

It’s scary to imagine how many more threads are left unstuck, how many more conspiracies are woven in the depths of the punitive organs against the punitive organs and the dictator himself.

The manufacturers of this opus, like all the horror stories emerging from the KGB bowels, besides the desire to demonstrate to the owner their concern for his safety, also tried to scare all the rank holders: "fix the ranks, or else..."

The effect, as expected, was the opposite.

Their owner, I think, is frightened by the scale of hatred towards him, even among carefully selected real, not invented, mankurts in the service of the occupation regime. Yes, and the mankurts themselves have learned well that it is time to make a choice and that their current bosses will surrender their subordinates with a whistle, and those who are more cunning than these bosses are already leaking them. Arrests are already underway among our own people, and we must hurry.

The atmosphere there is such that someone will finally go crazy, either the dictator or his guards, who suddenly remembered the phrase "The guard is tired!"

In general, sometimes it is more useful to look at the propaganda channels that are able to confess before leaving into oblivion than to read dull analytics about the fact that not everything is so bad under the dictatorship.

Andrei Sannikau, Facebook