15 December 2019, Sunday, 11:19
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Die Tageszeitung: “Europe’s policy push despots to human traffic”


The European Union has helped two cruel despots. It has become a black day for Europe, German Die Tageszeitung writes.

The Union is broken by eastern despots – at least, results of the session of European foreign ministers in Luxemburg look like this.

Travel bans have been eased to a degree, when Belarusian autocrat Alyaksandr Lukashenka can trip to Europe again. In case with despot Islam Karimov, the EU lifted entry restrictions on senior officials but prolonged an embargo on arms sales for another year. Arms sales between Uzbekistan and the EU had come to nothing before the embargo was imposed.

European ministers explain their mildness with reforms, allegedly conducted in Belarus and Uzbekistan. The both dictatorial regime have recently released oppositionist and human rights defenders, who had been imprisoned without guilt. But this time Lukashenka deceived everyone with his “elections”. Uzbekistan continues to throw journalists and human rights activists to prisons, torturing them if they dare to oppose the government.

The policy of Europe as near as pushes despots to human traffic. They need to arrest citizens groundless, and torture them in order to use them a trade object in negotiations in Europe. If they want concessions of the EU, this method is rather fruitful, but has nothing in common with real reforms.

Policymakers suggest the Kremlin the policy of appeasement to limit its power after the war in Georgia. By these actions Europe take the responsibility for double standards: Brussels praises the despot for alleged reforms until there’s a need of him. When he is not necessary any more, the EU behaves a human rights defender. It is a great mistake, because appearance of misters karimovs and lukashenkas is extremely dangerous, as it lays the foundation for instability and turmoil. Such countries shouldn’t be West’s partners.

The EU has helped two cruel despots. It has become a black day for Europe.