20 September 2019, Friday, 18:00
We are in the same boat

Case of political prisoner Andrei Kim taken to court


Investigation in the criminal case against an activist of the youth organization “Initiative” Andrei Kim has finished. After the political prisoner would get acquainted with files of the case, it would be taken to the court.

An investigator of the prosecutor’s office of Tsentralny district of Minsk Zmitser Luhin, who is in charge of the investigation, has informed that Andrei is to start reading the files of the case on Monday, March 3.

As said by the investigator, “the preliminary investigation has finished”. If Andrei would be able to read the files of the case in a day, on Monday the case would be taken to court, Radio Svaboda informs.

As we have ionfrmed, Andre Kim was arrested on January 21 when a protest rally of market vendors was disbanded. First he was arrested for 10 days for participant in an unsanctioned rally, and after that he was taken to a remand prison. Then Andrei was charged with threats to a traffic policeman who detained him.

The prosecutor’s office refused to change the measure of restraint to him. Yesterday, February 26, Andrei Kim turned 22. His mother and members of a civil committee in defense of Andrei Kim applied for his release on bail.