26 February 2020, Wednesday, 23:13
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Henadz Karpenka would have marked 59th birthday September 17

Vice speaker of the 13th Supreme Couincil of Belarus died in unclear circumstances of cerebral hemorrhage on April 6, 1999.

Relatives of Henadz Karpenka believe his death was violent and the Belaruain authorities had rlation to it. Henadz Karpenka’s family has been living in Germany, where they received political asylum, for 6 years.

Sudden death of Henadz Karpenka, followed by mysterious events, happened a month before the alternative presidential election, whose supporters refused to recognise imposed by Lukashenka amendments to the Constitution, meaning extension of term of presidential power. An absolute leader at that election and one of the initiators of impeachment to Lukashenka, Henadz Karpenka posed a real danger to the acting authorities.