14 April 2021, Wednesday, 4:11
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Who was breaking glasses in Government House? (Photo, video)


A journalist of “Salidarnasts” newspaper Mikalai Charnyauski has compared photo and video evidence of the events on December 19 and found there a strange person breaking glass of the Government House.

A week ago the Belarusian blogger community and online mass media spread a photo of a mysterious young man, who was talking to his sleeve on the porch of the Government House on December 19. As it turned out, the man whose name is clearly seen at the pictures, was not inert, but he attacked the entrance door with a pole.

The first photo, which has become famous already, an unknown young man holds his hand near his ear and is saying something to his sleeve. Isn’t there a microphone hidden in his sleeve?

There is nothing extraordinary in the fact that an observer from special services was present among the demonstrators. It is a usual practice.

But the next picture from kp.by website shows that the same man was not simply observing the events near the Government House, but actively stormed the entrance door with a pole in his hands.

And now take another look at the video footage and at his strange behavior. The former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski is trying to take the hooligans away from the Government House’s entrance. It is clearly seen that after talking to his sleeve, our “hero” took off his hat and tapped at the door quietly: let me in, I’m a friend.