22 September 2017, Friday, 20:12

They decided not to evict the New Life

The administration of the housing department of Minsk’s Moscow district claimed that it refused the church’s building.

A bailiff of the Minsk Commercial Court Volga Shcharbovich told that over the phone to New Life’s lawyer Siargei Lukanin, Radio Svaboda reports.

She said that the respective application was submitted by administration of the Moscow district on 289 November and the bailiff sent it by mail to the church’s address. However, according to Shcharbovich, the post office could have not managed to deliver the letter on time. But when she saw on the internet the resonance that the case caused, she called Lukanin and asked him to come over in order to receive all the necessary documents about the dismissal of the case.

Thus the court’s decision about the eviction remains in place, however the case was completely dismissed and archived. The church’s lawyer Siargei Lukanin received these documents late in the evening on 4 December in Minsk’s Commercial Court.