23 January 2018, Tuesday, 17:12

Sadists from the Lenin police department are still free


The indictment on the case of the abuse of power has not yet been handed in to the personnel of the Minsk Lenin district’s police department.

“No one of the policemen was handed in an indictment on the criminal case filed on the fact of power abuse”, - the head of the department of information and public relations of the Investigatory Committee lieutenant colonel of justice Pavel Traulko told to the news agency Interfax-Zapad on Thursday.

“The Investigatory Committee carried out an inspection of the victim’s testimony in the framework of the investigation of the case”, - the head of the department told. Traulko refused to provide other details of the criminal case referring to the secrecy of the investigation.

As the result of the inspection, the Minsk’s department of the Investigatory Committee filed a criminal case according to the article 426 part 2 – abuse of power.

“The necessary investigation activities are being undertaken in the framework of the investigation of the case. They are aimed at determining all the circumstances of what happened. A number of expert examinations was set”, - they noted in the Investigatory Committee.

It was reported before that about two weeks ago a video was published on the internet, where a person, who introduced himself as a guard of one of the Minsk’s parks, is telling how he was delivered to the Lenin police department and questioned with the use of force.