20 January 2018, Saturday, 7:36

A confrontation on the “spy case” was held in the KGB prison


An activist of the organizational committee for creation of the party BChD Illa Bagdanau was in Minsk’s FGB prison, where he was confronted with Andrei Gaidukou.

Illa Bagdanau is the “spy case” and has been in this status since December last year, Radio Svaboda reports.

He signed recognition of non-disclosure, that is why it was only a little that he could tell about the confrontation with Gaidukou:

“The confrontation took place from approximately 11 a.m. till 4 p.m. Andrei looks good, from the first glance he is healthy and in a cheerful mood. We were both with lawyers. I cannot tell journalists anything else”.

According to Illa Bagdanau, he became a suspect in the “spy case” since, in investigator Aleg Barysevich’s opinion, his and Andrei Gaidukou’s  testimonials do not correspond. The confrontation has not change anything significantly: Bagdanau is still a suspect, but unlike Gaidukou he is not in jail.

We would remind that Andrei Gaidukou was detained in Vitebsk on 8 November last year. According to the official KGB’s information, he was detained “while putting information in a hiding place, which may be of interest for foreign special services”.

Neither his relatives, nor friends believe that he could be involved in espionage. They consider the pressure on the part of KGB to be a prosecution for Andrei’s civic activities and oppositional views, which he never hid.

So far it is unknown whether the investigation of the “spy case” will lead to a trial. At least neither Gaidukou in his letters, nor Bagdanau in private conversations say anything about that.

It is only known that the case was initiated by KGB according to the article 365 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus “State treason by the means of human intelligence”.