23 September 2020, Wednesday, 16:18
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Iryna Khalip: Policemen asked to tear the application to leave

Iryna Khalip: Policemen asked to tear the application to leave

There is still no response to Iryna Khalip’s application with the request to allow her going abroad.

The former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau’s wife told that to journalists during the Solidarity Marathon, which took place yesterday in the office of BPF party, Radio Svaboda reports.

“My status is the same – I am serving a punishment term with a postponement. When two years run out from the day of the trial, the case will be examined again and the court will decide whether to release me or to send to a colony for two years. If I leave anywhere arbitrarily, they will definitely send me to prison. As to the application, more than two weeks have passed since the moment I submitted it, but they have not yet officially responded. And when I come to a police station for the obligatory regular registration they unofficially tell that it would be better if I tore the document”, - Iryna Khalip says.

We would remind that Iryna Khalip continues to serve the punishment for participating in the protest action against the rigged presidential elections of 2010 and is limited in her travels.

The journalist was sentenced to two years of imprisonment with a two year postponement. She is ordered to staty home from 10 p.m. until morning and get herself registered at a police station weekly.  Apart from that she may be visited by a police inspection any time. Iryna Khalip caanot leave Minsk for two years.

During a press-conference on 15 January Lukashenka stated that the journalist can freely leave the country and go to Russia. After that Iryna Khalip submitted an application for getting permission to visit her husband in London and also the editorial office of Novaya Gazeta newspaper in Moscow where she works.