22 January 2018, Monday, 11:09

Secret disease has spread to pigs in Viciebsk


Unidentified people with the help of police are confiscating animals in Viciebck district.

A reader reported about that to charter97.org.

“Pigs have been dying for the latest two months in Lipaucy settlement of Viciebsk district and neighboring settlements Asinauka and Shapechyna. But now it has intensified to such an extent that the local council was ordered to confiscate pigs from people, kill and bury in a special hole in Illachouka village. They do not introduce themselves, do not explain why pigs are taken from people by force with the participation of police. Probably, this secrecy is caused by the fear of possible Russia’s refusal Belarusian meat, since it is very close to Smolensk from here. No one introduces quarantine, city authorities say that everything is alright, that there is no pig plague”, - the reader noted.

Other readers report that murdering of pigs has started in Staubcy, Karelichy, Valozhyn, Iu’e, Lida, Navahradak districts and some districts in Viciebsk region.

Yesterday our web-site reported on mass utilization of pigs at private farms in Valozhyn district.

Charter97.org’s editorial office went for details to Shapechyn’s local council, but all the three lines were busy for an hour. Apparently it is a real rush hour there now.

The first deputy chairman of Viciebsk district executive committee, the head of the department of agriculture and provisions Jury Vyshylau did not disprove the information, but said that this information had not been sent to him in detail and suggested to address Viciebsk regional veterinary station.

At the reception they claimed that they were unable to tell anything on this matter and the administration was out with unknown time of return.

We would remind that in April this year a big scale loss of cattle case was registered at the pig farm Vostochny, which belongs to Baranavichy’s bakery complex. The local management categorically disproved any information on the emergency, but at the same time the area around the farm was cordoned off by police, and the locals confirmed that mass burial of the animals was taking place.

The most widespread version of what was happening was the one of an epidemic of African pig plague, which was registered in neighboring countries. An epidemic could lead to the ban on Belarusian meat shipments to Russia.