22 June 2018, Friday, 10:45

Victoria Nuland: Russian “humanitarian aid” is fuel for tanks


An Assistant Secretary of State at the US Department of State thinks Russia sends military supplies to militants under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Victoria Nuland said it in an interview with Meduza news agency.

Russian humanitarian aid apparently consists of fuel for tanks and gear for soldiers, she said.

Nuland thinks the Kremlin is able stop confrontation in eastern Ukraine, but refuses to do so.

If Moscow called on separatists to observe the Minsk agreement and stopped sending military personnel, tanks and other equipment, separatists would seek a ceasefire with Kyiv. Moscow can close the border with Ukraine any day, but it hasn't been done so far, she said.

According to Nuland, Russia sent hundreds of tanks, howitzers, artillery system and GRAD systems after the signing of the Minsk agreement.

Nuland doubts whether it can be called the observance of the agreement that requires the withdrawal of foreign troops and equipment.

Russia plans to send the eighth “humanitarian convoy” to eastern Ukraine on November 30. The Kremlin sends convoys despite Kyiv's protests and without the approval of the Red Cross.