23 June 2021, Wednesday, 12:24
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How to bypass blocking?

How to bypass blocking?

There are several easy ways of how to bypass the blocking of our website in Belarus.

There are several ways of how to bypass the blocking of charter97.org in Belarus. Please, read the instructions carefully. Most of our readers do not have have special skills, so we tried to find the easiest measures suitable even for inexperienced Internet users.

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Save this instruction and help you relatives and friends learn how to bypass the blocking.

1. Opera browser

Our statistics show that most visitors of charter97.org use Google Chrome and Firefox. However, it wouldn't be a bad thing to install an additional browser to read our site and many others in case of blocking.

Download Opera here.

The Norwegian browser has a specific feature, the so called turbo mode that re-routes your requests to Opera's servers abroad. For Beltelecom, your request to our website looks likes a visit to, for example, a Norwegian site.

Enabling Turbo mode in Windows is easy (in the picture):

Beware that your traffic is not encrypted and your IP is not hidden. You just bypass the blocking using Opera's proxy servers.

2. Opera Mini for mobile phones

Opera offers an alternative browser for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). It uses the Turbo mode by default, so you don't need to take any additional actions. Many of our readers using smartphones didn't notice the site was blocked. You can install it as an alternative browser on your mobile device.

Download Opera Mini here.

3. Install Hola extension. Download it by clicking your browser's icon on the website. The extension allows changing information about your country in just few seconds.

4. Tor Browser

This is one of the most reliable and easiest ways to hide your presence on the Internet. Tor Browser is not as convenient as Chrome, Firefox or Opera, but it allows users not only to bypass the blocking, but also to hide your IP and encrypt your traffic in Belarus.

Download Tor Browser here.

5. Orbot browser for Android

Orbot is in fact an analogue of the Tor Browser Bundle for Android that has all advantages of the latter.

Download Orbot for Android here.

6. There are dozens of other ways of how to bypass the blocking, but they require additional skills, so we don't mention them here. You can search Google for “How to access blocked sites” and read the proposed variants. We do not recommend using free public proxy servers and anonomisers, especially Russian ones. It would be better to pay a few dollars and use commercial products.