17 January 2018, Wednesday, 20:46

Igor Matushkin is charged with illegal distribution of tickets for Russia-Sweden game.

It has been reported by “Pressball” newspaper.

Igor Matushkin is a Russian and Belarusian hockey player, Honoured Master of Sports of Belarus.

According to the law, Article 12.7 Part 1 of the Administrative Code of Belarus (illegal business practices), such actions are punishable by a fine from 10 to 50 basic units with confiscation of proceeds from such activities. Higher fines are paid by sole proprietors and legal entities.

Before the arrest of Igor Matyushkin, officers of the Economic Crime Department of Central district of Minsk detained a 42-year-old Minsk dweller. He tried to sell 138 tickets to Kazakhstan- Finland match, for $1600. After detention the seller of his own free will handed in 108 tickets for Kazakhstan- Finland game, 40 tickets for Denmark-France game, 16 tickets for Italy-Sweden game, and 4 tickets for Denmark-Slovakia game. All these tickets had zero price, that is they had been distributed through trade unions and labour collectives.