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Andrei Sannikov: “Russian World” In Belarus Is Putin Plus Lukashenka

Andrei Sannikov: “Russian World” In Belarus Is Putin Plus Lukashenka
Andrei Sannikov

Andrei Sannikov’s book “The Belarusian Roulette” was presented in Warsaw.

This book was published in Belarusian, Russian and English in February 2016 and was called “My Story. The Belarusian Amerikanka or Elections under Dictatorship”.

Andrei Sannikov told about the presentation of the book, about the timely issues of the Belarusian politics and the Belarusian-Polish relations, in an interview to Radio Liberty:

- The book has been published in the Polish language, as the Polish publishing company KARTA was interested in it. The publishing company worked on translation, and they also offered the name for the Polish version – “Białoruska ruletka”. I agreed to this name. I am very happy as their translation was very good, and the book starts the new series of KARTA books, dedicated to the history of the XXI century.

- How was the previous edition of the book, published in the Belarusian, Russian and English languages, sold?

- I am contended with the sales of the circulation in Belarusian, Russian and English. I presented the book in the United States, the Great Britain, Canada and Poland several times. I see the people are interested, the reviews are good. Now, simultaneously with the Polish variant, the book has been published in Moscow by Novaya Gazeta. The book is already in the bookshops and the sales are great.

- Many famous people spoke at the presentation – the first leader of the independent Belarus Stanislau Shushkevich, Director of Belsat Agnieszka Romashevskaya, and diplomat, former chargé d'affaires of Poland to Belarus Witold Yurash. What was the main discussion about?

- The presentation took place in the Polish theatre. I am very proud that an outstanding Polish actor and director Andrzej Sewerin, whom we know as an activist of Solidarity, recited the extracts from the book. Andrzej has always supported the democratic forces in Belarus. When we were in prison after December 19, 2010, he actively participated in the campaign in our support. Generally, the presentation was attended by the people who are closely familiar with the situation in Belarus and by those who don’t know it well. The discussion turned out interesting, as we talked about the changes in the policy of the Polish government and the Polish MFA towards Belarus. To me personally, these changes remain unclear. I think that the Poles are seeking improvement of the relations with Belarus in the wrong place. They are improving the relations with the dictatorship in a certain way. This theme was in the center of discussion. At least, we can state a great interest to the themes related with Belarus.

- How, in your opinion, is it possible to protect ourselves from the information campaign pursued by the Russian media in Belarus?

- What is happening today seems very dangerous. However, I can see that the active part of the Belarusian society reacts normally, resists to what they call “the Russian World”. It is very dangerous that the Russian media dominate in our country, as they are pursuing the informational war not only with the West and Ukraine, but with values in general.

I believe that the independent Belarusian media play an important role in this war. I always say it remains vital to support the Belarusian independent media today. Because the “Russian World” in Belarus is not just Putin, it’s Putin plus Lukashenka. We need to realize this and act correspondingly.